One of the finest works by JMW Turner was brought to life in this project in a very unique way. Using animation and smooth camera movements, the FGreat team created an immersive experience of Ehrenbreitstein, considered Turner’s most important oil painting of a German subject.

The journey moves on as legendary actor Steven Berkoff recites lines from Lord Byron’s epic poem Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage. Ehrenbreitstein was first exhibited at London’s Royal Academy in 1835 alongside a passage of the poem.

This project was part of Sotheby’s Old Masters Evening Sale and featured this artwork only, the highlight of the auction.

What could be seen as a challenge actually allowed us to explore every inch of the masterpiece, inviting the viewers to appreciate its beauty in fine detail.

The delicate text on screen highlights its historic importance.

A delight for any art lover.



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