Welcome to the virtual reality world

VR is the hottest new trend in tech, the most exciting innovation tool and the ultimate way of storytelling.

We believe the mix of animation, live action, VFX and spatial audio is the best way to achieve the Wow factor, to leave the audience with their mouths open. To blow their minds.

VR films can become a truly memorable experience at Events, Exhibitions, Educational and promotional occasions.

Let’s us help you deliver unforgettable VR experiences for your audience.

Wear a VR headset and you will see and hear things all around you, as if you were actually in a different world. You will be transported in time and space. The possibilities are countless. The imagination is the only limit.

And that’s where our challenge begins; to craft the perfect VR experience and make it one to remember for your audience.

VR = 360º films

Every VR film can also be used as a 360º film on Facebook and YouTube, giving your film or campaign greater exposure and longevity, and helping to spread the cost across different medias.

Once on YouTube, the film can be watched by anyone in the world with a VR headset or Google cardboard as a fully immersive VR film.

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GPU Renders

To guarantee a highly efficient and fast process on full CG productions,
Fgreat is using the latest technology on GPU rendering.

Combining OctaneRender with the latest NVidia GPU technology means Fgreat
can render realistic scenes at 4K stereoscopic quality, in less than 4 minutes per frame.
The same scene using a different render would take more than 1 hour per frame.
In some situations, Octane can render up to 50x faster than CPU based renders.

This allows us to deliver amazing results even with short deadlines.