Sotheby's - Surrealism VR from FGREAT STUDIO on Vimeo.

Sotheby’s – Surrealism VR

For the first time an auction house commissioned a VR film to allow visitors to step into renowned paintings and FGreat embraced this challenge with passion.

Our team recreated four surrealist artworks in 360 degrees ahead of Sotheby’s Surrealist Art Evening Sale, offering an immersive and memorable experience.

The viewers were invited to contemplate masterpieces as they probably never did – Salvador Dali’s 1930 Moment de transition, Paul Delvaux’s Jeunes filles au bord de l’eau, André Masson’s Hôtel d’automates and René Magritte’s Le Repas de Noces.

Every single element was recreated in 3D and we had even to imagine what was ‘behind’ them, respecting the style of each artist and the texture of the paintings. All artworks had to be perfectly recognized even in a 360-degree scenario.

The uniqueness and the success of this project received media attention: