Royal Academy – Royal Collection / Charles I & Charles II


A classic trailer for a legendary exhibition. We were honoured to be invited by the Royal Academy of Arts to create the film to promote Charles I: King and Collector which, for the first time, brings together one of the most extraordinary art collections of his age. It embraces classic and contemporary pieces by artists such as Titian, Van Dyck, Holbein, Rubens and Mantegna.

The strong soundtrack is paired with 3D animation. Smooth camera movements discreetly bring the paintings to life alongside shots of the sculptures. Text on screen helps to explain the magnitude of this amazing exhibition which reunites a collection that was scattered across Europe after the king’s execution in 1649.



This film literally reflects the exhibition it was made for. Charles II: Art and Power curated by the Royal Collection Trust shows how the Royal Collection was re-established after over a decade of republican rule.

The trailer starts with Michael Wright’s monumental portrait of Charles II in his coronation robes. Using 3D animation, the FGreat team recreated the golden sceptre which is shown in detail to intrigue the audience before the painting is revealed. This symbolic artwork is followed by other magnificent pieces also animated with smooth camera movements.

The trailer ends with Titian’s Madonna and Child in a Landscape with Tobias and the Angel. The golden frame is rebuilt with 3D animation to reflect once again the importance of this collection that not only decorated the royal apartments but also reinforced the strength of the monarchy and of Charles II at such an important time.