We were honoured to have helped writing a new chapter in the history of Qasr Al Hosn festival, a key event held in the heart of Abu Dhabi to celebrate the richness of Emirati heritage and to keep it alive.

Our team explored the origins of the capital of the United Arab Emirates and traditions of its people with two delicate pieces displayed at interactive spaces where visitors are taken back in time.

By using 3D camera projection technique, one of the films takes us on a journey through the centenary historic pictures of Abu Dhabi and its inseparable link with Qasr Al Hosn, the first permanent building on the island and witness of the city’s progress.

An exceptional piece of work, shown in one of the main facilities, that masterfully brings to life iconic photos of the old capital – once a watchtower in the middle of the desert – as an ever-changing scenario unveils a modern city.

All of this in a magnificent space specially created for the film. The visitor walks through the dark empty space as the film is played in 9 different screens, where different images complement each other to tell the history.

The deliverables are a high-end production, conceived by the distinguished folks at Fgreat in partnership with the director Nic Cornwall and the creative event agency People.

The second film can be viewed here.