Qasr Al Hosn Festival – Birds show

Fgreat were honoured to have helped writing a new chapter in the history of Qasr Al Hosn festival, a major and successful event held in the heart of Abu Dhabi aiming at celebrating the richness of Emirati heritage and keeping it alive. We explored the origins of the capital of the United Arab Emirates and traditions of its people with two delicate pieces displayed at interactive spaces where visitors are taken back in time.

The first film can be viewed here.

The second film is  truly a delight to the eyes. Bird illustrations were the raw material for an artistic film highlighting a number of avifauna species and the beauty revealed in each detail of their structure. From sketches, birds gain colour, movement and life. The soothing sound of nature perfectly matches the beautiful sequence, on display at the festival’s birds show.

The deliverables are a high-end production, conceived by the distinguished folks at Fgreat in partnership with the director Nic Cornwall, and the creative event agency People.